I Can Write Your Story For You.


There are many reasons to tell your story.

For future generations of your family.
For people who have gone through what you have gone through and need to be inspired.
And, sometimes, just to set the record straight. 
That said, you may not be a writer. But I am.
My name is Gay Walley. 
I have written stories about every day people and even the stories of some celebrities, with 4 books published.
How do I do it?  By listening, by ferreting out the high points and the necessary support information, and by telling a good narrative.

How it works:

This is a general guideline of how your ghostwriting project will work.


  • We meet to discuss the overall project.

  • I do an outline of the story and give you an estimate.

  • You approve it.

  • We meet weekly by phone or in person to go over each chapter.

  • I write the chapter during the week and you review it, sometimes adding in relevant materials from other sources.

Then we go onto the next chapter.
It usually takes 3-10 months, give or take.


What people are saying:

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